Digital Marketing is a massive and complex field that is constantly evolving. 

No one person can be an expert in everything.

That's why I've built an advisory team of people who are world-class experts on specific areas within digital marketing, whom I can call on for advice on behalf of my clients. Leveraging their skills and experience, I'm able to quickly identify solutions when a client runs into a challenge that requires a true specialist.

By working with me, my clients gain access to the experience and expertise of a first-rate marketing team, without the cost of hiring one directly.

The Advisors


Pascal Wagner, Facebook & Pay-per-Click Advertising Expert

Pascal is CEO of Online Ad Labs, an ad agency exclusively focused on developing profitable digital advertising campaigns for e-commerce companies. Pascal has managed millions of dollars in advertising across Facebook, Google AdWords, and Instagram for startups and brands in a wide range of industries. He is my go-to guy for staying ahead of the curve in paid media. 


Brianna Plaza, Email Marketing Expert

Brianna is the Email Marketing & CRM Manager for the NYC HQ office of General Assembly, an educational institution that's raised over $70 million dollars in funding.

Managing an email list of over a million subscribers in 15 markets across the world, Brianna leads a sophisticated email marketing team that sends a high volume of emails every day. Whenever I need an expert on email segmentation, A/B testing, drip campaigns, and CRM systems, Brianna is there. 


Steve Daar, Conversion Optimization Expert

Steve is the best-selling author of the excellent book Profit Hacking and CEO of Conversion for Good, a company that specializes in conversion optimization for Shopify stores

Steve is the most skilled and experienced marketer I know when it comes to making websites convert better using A/B and multi-variate testing methods. 


Mike Budny, Funnel & Growth Strategy Expert

Mike has played a leading role in launching multiple companies and scaled several into 8 figures in revenue (his first was a direct sales company which he helped scale to $30 million dollars per year in revenue, in just 3 years).

He is a sought-after hired gun in the online marketing space, known for his skills in architecting multi-million dollar marketing funnels and product launches.


Chris Barnett, Web Development & Design Expert

Chris is the developer and designer responsible for building the websites of leading incubators in the social entrepreneurship space, including and

He was the senior web designer and developer for Unreasonable Institute and Unreasonable Adventures, and is now the CEO of Co-Build, a company that helps mission-driven brands to optimize their websites for user experience and conversion.