A compilation of my favorite digital tools & apps

I have a special place in my heart for tools that boost my productivity and help me to do great work. Many of my clients and colleagues ask me for recommendations for this or that – so I've organized my favorites here as a resource.


Calendly - Scheduling Calls & Meetings

Calendly is my favorite scheduling app: every day it saves me the hassle of going back and forth over email to schedule calls and meetings. 

It syncs with my calendar and allows me to share private links that allow others to schedule themselves in for time slots, based on customized availability rules.

Simple, practical, and beautifully designed – I highly recommend it. 


Time Out - Managing Energy & Productivity

I've used Time Out for years and I use it every single time I open up my laptop to work. It structures work sessions into defined chunks (for me it's 50 minutes), and automatically displays a "Time Out" message once that session is up. That's my cue to get up from my chair and take a quick break.

I adopted this habit after learning that our energy, focus and creativity operate best in cycles – our bodies are living beings after all, and forcing your mind to work for too long at a time is actually counterproductive. Taking regular breaks throughout my day and using Time Out to do so consistently helps me be laser-focused while I'm working, and guilt-free when I'm recharging for the next sprint. 


Reminders - Followups & Deadlines

An oldie but goodie – synced between my Macbook and iPhone, I use Reminders to keep to-do items on separate lists that organize my personal and business life, and set timed reminders to  bring my attention to tasks at the exact time I need it. 

I love Reminders because it allows me to always stay present and focused on the person or task at hand, without ever worrying if I'm forgetting something. Nothing important should depend on memory.


Evernote - Organizing Files and Building a Personal Marketing & Design Library

I use Evernote to save and organize everything digital, both on my laptop and phone – any note or file I've ever saved is just a search away. 

My favorite use case for Evernote is combining it with Awesome Screenshot to build what I call a Swipe File – a collection of screenshots of web and print designs, copy, logos, and just about anything you can think of related to online marketing. Anytime I come across a webpage or design that makes me think, "Whoever made this knows what they're doing," I use Awesome Screenshot to capture an image of the entire page, and store it in Evernote with a related tag so I can retrieve it later. Now I have an extensive catalogue containing hundreds of amazing designs, sales pages, email copy, interfaces, etc., that I can reference anytime I need to create something new.