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What They've Said About My Work

Shane worked with us to transform our digital marketing strategy. Our start-up nonprofit had experienced early success but we found ourselves plateauing in terms of reach and audience engagement. Together, we created a marketing funnel for one of our signature offerings and started experimenting with Facebook Ads. Shane also gave our team more confidence in how to lead this work internally moving forward.

Shane really understood our needs and goals and tailored his work to meet them. I would definitely recommend Shane to any early stage social impact organization that wants to take its digital marketing to the next level.
— Zoë Barth-Werb, Community Manager, Amplifier Giving
Shane developed and implemented our first social media campaign for Facebook and helped us create a Facebook Business account as well. He was patient and thorough answering all of our questions, asking insightful questions about our program, and designing exactly what we were looking for. We have already seen stellar success with the campaign including more engagement from our target audience, increased program awareness, and increased web traffic. Shane is easy to work with, flexible, and offers creative solutions to unique problems. He is clearly an expert in digital marketing and we couldn’t have launched this campaign without him.
— Adam Roth-Saks, Associate Director of Nonprofit Leadership Program, University of Pennsylvania
Shane is a rock star! Genuinely cares about core business strategies and naturally implements steps & systems to achieving defined success. Shane is a true marketing entrepreneur as he is able to adapt quickly to change and offer value driven/high impact solutions to ease growing pains. I look forward to working with Shane again!
— Nicole Fler, Investor / Consultant for Food & Wellness Startups at V2V Associates
Shane manages Facebook advertising across three of my businesses – he took care of everything from the account and tracking setup to the targeting strategy, campaign optimization, split testing, and reporting, and he does a great job helping our team make sense of the data on a regular basis.

In just a few short months he’s managed to drive down our costs per conversion to where we need them to be profitable.

What I value most about working with Shane is his responsiveness – he’s always quick to respond to my requests and is extremely reliable. Shane is one of the best in the business at Facebook marketing and I highly recommend working with him.
— Dr. Isaiah Hankel, PhD / Best-selling Author / Serial Entrepreneur
Shane is an incredible resource to our team, helping us both understand and improve our marketing strategy across our organization. Shane has taken the time to really understand our audience and has employed effective outreach strategies to help us reach those people. He has been one of the best marketing professionals my team has worked with in terms of overall expertise and responsiveness. I’d highly recommend Shane, and my team will continue to utilize his marketing services!
— Thomas Sena, CFO of Rising Tide Car Wash
Since joining our team at Service Year Alliance, Shane has been incredibly productive – not just because he worked systematically to drive targeted traffic to the Service Year Exchange while simultaneously driving our acquisition costs down, but also because he consistently communicated clearly thereby ensuring that all members of the cross-functional team understood the status of his work at any given time and what he needed from any given team member.

Shane was unfailingly patient, professional and objective in his approach to work and I heartily recommend him.
— Sandie Quinn, Chief Technology Officer at Service Year Alliance
I hired Shane to present to a Ben Appelbaum Foundation class comprised of early-stage small business owners and nonprofit founders on the topic of digital marketing strategy. He is both deeply knowledgable and also very approachable in his presentation style. The group responded well to him and we were very pleased to hire him back to present again several months later. I would hire him again and recommend him to both individuals and organizations looking to strengthen their effectiveness and deepen their impact.
— Executive Director, Ben Appelbaum Foundation
Shane was integral in our ability to develop and execute an organized marketing strategy. His process, advisory, and support gave us a framework, tangible goals, and an informed vision of why digital marketing was important and how we could optimize our daily operations to drive business.

His sector knowledge, ability to empathize with our “triple bottom line” mentality, and patience are unique, and enormously helpful for a capacity-constrained organization like ours! We enjoyed working with Shane, and appreciate the way he was able to break down a daunting business challenge for us!
— Alexandra Hanken, Inspiring Capital
Shane has been one of the best strategic thought-partners that I have the pleasure of working with. He brings an exceptional quality of professionalism, thoughtfulness and care to our work together. He helped us clarify our purpose and goals, and executed on building the website, including all the copywriting as well as finding the right designer and developer. I highly recommend Shane to other businesses that want to create an effective online presence.
— Home Nguyen, Founder at MindKind Institute / PhD Researcher and Faculty Member at Columbia University
An excellent copywriter and strategic thinker, Shane stops at nothing to understand your customers and what they need. He knows how to organize complex marketing challenges into a concrete roadmap so you and your team can execute on a campaign quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

It was important to me to develop fresh copy that could express our product offerings in a clear, compelling way. Shane helped me get out of my own head. He helped distill the ideas onto our website and integrated new tools to better manage and track our communication channels. We had a tight timeline. Bringing on an expert like Shane helped us exceed our marketing goals.
— Cosmo Fujiyama, Program Director at University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy
Rarely does one find a person who listens well, is imaginative and original, and, can keep everyone to a timeline for execution. Shane is the consummate client oriented professional—he helped me get my personal marketing done, with value and fun. Plus, he’s a good thought partner. He comes with my highest recommendations.
— Leng Lim, Executive Coach to senior leaders at UNICEF, Google, Amazon, Prudential, and other Fortune 500 companies
Shane helped our startup produce an MVP around newly emerging user personas - a challenging task with many unknowns. He was organized and methodical, producing a website we feel proud to show our customers.
— Brian Sowards, CEO at USEED, an ed-tech startup
Shane is a seriously talented and deeply knowledgeable marketer, both in terms of overall strategy and also specifically with online tactics. He also does a great job of walking the ethical line with marketing, which makes perfect sense since he’s clearly in this to support mission-driven ventures.

As a professional, he is easy to work with, responsive, hard-working, and effecting. Having both worked with Shane and been friends with him for many years, I highly highly recommend him.
— Cesar Gonzalez, CEO of StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation
Shane is laser focused on getting you tangible results. Shane is a marketing expert, but even more importantly, he is authentic, and deeply cares about helping you scale your impact.
— Adam "Smiley" Poswolsky, Best-selling Author / Keynote Speaker / Millennial Career Expert
Shane is amazing! An expert in his field, he’s always willing to take extra time to help GA students work through new digital marketing concepts. Google Analytics was a particularly long journey, but Shane made everything accessible and clear. He also helped coordinate a massive panel for our course, pulling on his own network of rockstar marketers. I could not recommend him more.
— Abigail Knoff, Student at General Assembly
I attended one of Shane’s seminars through Be Social Change. I thought his presentation worked both as a good primer and as a refresher course for digital marketing. I also appreciated his ability to manage questions. With that, I arranged for him to give the same presentation at Mediander to help the team align on marketing initiatives. Our founder and CEO was impressed with the preparation and the delivery. I recommend Shane come by for a visit, particularly if you are working with a start up that needs to prioritize the right traffic-driving strategies, tools and practices for your site.
— David Pfister, Managing Editor at Mediander
Shane’s marketing prowess was an invaluable asset to ReWork’s growth and success. His approach put our clients and customers at the center of our marketing design.
— Ashley Elmblad, Director of Workforce Development at ReWork